We live on 70 acres of farmland near Mogriguy, NSW which is a small community close to Dubbo. My husband and I were both raised on much larger sheep/ wheat/ cattle properties further out and are delighted to be raising our small children in the rural setting that we both had, be it on a smaller scale.  With our experience we are making our little piece of land a profitable little venture without the stress of it being our main income. Please follow our family with our journey in discovering the delightful world of natural and sustainable farming , aiming toward a simpler,  cheaper and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Our main focus is our  Wiltipoll flock of sheep however we do dabble in lots of other little projects such as :

Dark Barred Plymouth Rock purebred chickens

Crossbred backyard chickens


Free range eggs

Plant our own pasture and oats annually


Milking goats and making home made beauty products such as cold processed goats milk soap, lotions ect.

As well as many other DIY projects to do with hobby farms!



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Can. you. please. tell. me. how. I. can. fit. some. of. your. soap. for. Exeter. my. sisters. son. has. it. Thankyou
    via. email


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